Mammut Bouldering Championship

posted by dpm on 09/28/2008

The Mammut Bouldering Championships will hold its tour season finale during the annual Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City on August 9th at 6:30PM atop the Shilo Inn Parking Deck. The event is expected to draw over 2,000 spectators and well over 100 competitors. Pete Ward and Jason Dansforth, of NE2C, had promised an even bigger event than last year, but this year’s event was almost curbed. The comp organizers, NE2C, had ordered a colossal structure from the Bulgarian company Walltopia.

Walltopia, a company known for making some of the best competition structures in the world, had shipped the wall in May allowing an abundance of time for the structure to arrive. Unfortunately, in spite of Walltopia’s best efforts, the wall sat in a shipping container of an Italian port for over a month raising doubts as to whether or not it would arrive in time. Walltopia did their part to expedite the process by getting the shipment loaded onto a vessel bound for the States, but again, the shipment was thwarted. This time, U.S. Customs, who held the wall pending an X-ray, halted the walls scheduled delivery.

Enter John Stack, an ex patriot of competitive climbing, and Dustin Buckthal of Vertical Solutions. Their company proposed building a structure for the event that promised to trump the best competitive walls ever. The design team created a three-part monstrosity, which overhangs a whopping nineteen feet. “Even the frame work of the wall is beautiful,” Jason Dansforth said over the phone with DPM, “Normally we would hide the rear part of the structure, but the cables and frames are just so cool to look at. It is going to be sick, you’ll see.”

This is the third season of the Mammut sponsored event, which has drawn in some of the top climbers from around the world. The qualifiers are still open and will be helping at the Front Climbing Club from 12PM till 9PM on Friday August 8th. The top twelve men and women from qualifiers will be in the show on Saturday. Check back at for full coverage of the event. To register and find out more, check out or for more details.


Jason and Pete have been busy pushing the sport beyond just their competition series. The two are determined to force climbing into mainstream media. This year they have teamed up with EMS to bring the first annual Nor’easter. This two day festival takes place September 26th-28th and will combine climbing, multimedia events, and concerts by Tapes and Tapes, and Chad Stokes’ (ex front man from Dispatch) new band State Radio. Check out

Word on the street is they will also be unveiling their new clothing line, Dawn and Relentless, at the OR Show this year. DPM will do their best to get you the first glimpse of these new threads. Stay tuned!