A Little Wiggle Goes a Long Way

posted by dpm on 10/18/2013

Three Boy Scout troop leaders are finding out that sometimes a little wiggle goes a long way. On a recent trip to Goblin Valley, one of Utah’s coolest State Parks, these good old boys decided to play hero and save the world from a very dangerous loose boulder. The boulder had been perched there for about 20 million years which means, of course, that it could topple at any moment and kill someone!

As any good-intentioned Americans would do, one man sings the lyrics of destruction “Wiggle it, just a little bit,” while the other pushes the ancient boulder off its perch. Thank the Lord that disaster was averted! All Boy Scouts remained unharmed!

Now the men are facing charges despite their belief that they were just doing a good deed. In hindsight, the wisest of the trio shared his feelings with the Salt Lake Tribune stating, “Glad we did it, wish we wouldn’t have done it.” ...Brilliant.

What do you think? Are these folks true American heroes, or nothing more than vandals? 

"Wiggle it, just a little bit." Click the image for video.