Little Herc

posted by dpm on 12/19/2008

Yes Boys, This is Lynn Hill

She has mesmerized the climbing community for nearly three decades. She was a four-time champion of the TV series Survival of the Fittest, which helped finance her nomadic lifestyle. In 1991, she was the first women to climb 5.14, and in 1992, she became the first person to free climb the Nose of El Capitan and later did it again in a day. Girls, this is your mentor.

Lynn Hill is a legend in the climbing world and beyond, having entered 38 World Cup Events and winning 26 of them. Now at 47, Lynn is happiest away from the competition scene, preferring to climb outside where it all started for her. Her name comes up sporadically on the message boards with news of another 13b onsight before she wonders off to another crag to inspire and shock the local community with her grace and innate ability.

climbing photos courtesy of Sam Davis

Only a few weeks ago in Hueco Tanks, the legend made quick, one-day work of Chablanke V12, becoming the fifth women to climb the crimpy direct start to John Sherman's classic Sign of the Cross. Congrats Lynn!