Kai Lightner Onsights 5.14a at Maple Canyon

posted by dpm on 08/10/2014

It was a spectacular couple of days for 14-year-old Kai Lightner during his brief trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. After competing against the world’s best adult climbers at the Psicocomp, Kai spent a single day at Maple Canyon, Utah. This was his first visit to the cobblestone area famous for the massive Pipedream Cave and the forearm-busting pump dished out by the smooth, bowling ball slopers. 

After a warmup, Kai onsighted Mexican Rodeo (5.13d). He then onsighted Pipedream (5.14a) and followed it up with a 2nd try ascent of Divine Fury (5.14b). Kai’s mom Connie wrote to DPM, “He was a little sad that he only got to spend one day (climbing outdoors)." Not a bad day though…

Kai put on an incredible performance at his first Psicocomp competition, especially considering that his first opponent was Jimmy Webb, winner of last year’s event. Kai was about 2/3rds of the way up the wall when Jimmy topped out, but he continued anyway and topped the wall. You can watch his flawless climbing performance starting at about the 2:00:00 mark.