Jonathan Siegrist Sends Moose Licks (5.14b)

posted by dpm on 08/12/2011

Moose Licks?  Hoop Lake?  You've probably never heard of either and you're not the only one.  I while back Jonathan mentioned heading to Hoop Lake and spun stories of blue-streaked limestone and technical 5.13 and 5.14 routes.  I had a hard time believing that rock this good could be found in Northern Utah but a picture speaks a thousand words.


Jonathan posted this picture of the cliff at Hoop Lake on Facebook with the caption: "Boom, you're psyched!"  


Of course, JStar went there to send the testpiece of the cliff.  Moose Licks (5.14b) was established by none other than Chris Sharma and, according to Ethan Pringle's blog, has been repeated by Eric Decaria and Tommy Caldwell.  Jonathan sent the route on his 4th try, just before having to leave.    On his blog he remarked, "I'm very excited about this pitch - it's savage, delicate and powerful all at once. I'll cast my vote as solid 14b for this rig."  Nice job, Jonathan.  Keep an eye on for updates on Jonathan's roadtrip around the states.