Jon Cardwell Returns From His Tear In Brazil

posted by dpm on 09/20/2010


Motivated by several emails and some amazing photos Jon Cardwell made a trip to Brazil and came back with a handful of double-digit FA’s.

Jon Cardwell is back in Colorado after he stayed a little over a month in Brazil with his friend Felipe. The two climbers explored dozens of bouldering locations and put up more than a handful of new boulder problems. Jon climbed in Sao Thome Das Letras, Sao Bento, Ubatuba, Serre de Piedade, Sabara, and Cocalzinho, and at each stop he was able to FA a new line. The trip culminated with the first ascent of House in the Sky V14, a large roof climb outside of the city Belo Horizonte. If the grade is confirmed it could be the hardest line in the country.

Below is a slew of  other problems that were put up during the remainder of his trip:
House in the Sky V14 First ascent
High Tension V13 First ascent
Bush Diving V13 2nd ascent
Os Bacanas V13
O Dia Santo V13
Amnesia V13
O Vento levou V12
Salinas V12
Quimera Speciosa V12
Potencial da acao V11 Flash
Testarossa V10/11 Flash
The flash V10 FLash
Ureia SDS Flash
Tsunami V10 Flash
Amendoim Tostado V10 Flash