Jimmy Webb: Warpath (V14)

posted by dpm on 10/09/2013


Jimmy Webb has sent Warpath (V14) at Castle Rocks, Idaho for its fifth ascent. Established by James Litz in 2007, the line has since seen four repeats by Daniel Woods, Matt Fultz, Paul Robinson, and now Webb. This was Jimmy's second trip to the remote area in Southern Idaho specifically to send the long, endurance-oriented roof problem. In 2011, Jimmy, Woods, Dave Graham, and Brion Voges made the trek and their efforts were documented in the video "A Fine Line," which included Woods' 2nd ascent. The trip was frustrating for the crew as they faced horrendous snow and freezing conditions.

Jimmy on Warpath (V14). Photo: Kasia Pietras/Instagram

For Jimmy that frustration with the problem carried over to his current trip. He said in an email on Monday, "This one is weird for me. I can do it easily to the very last move and then I drop the ball. It's much more mental for me than others." He sent the problem the following day and wrote on his 8a scorecard, "Hands down the best boulder I have ever climbed. Such an amazing roof in such a beautiful location." Despite his previous frustration, he added, "Kinda bummed to be done with it..." Such is the bizarre mentality of the boulderer.

Check out some footage of Jimmy working the problem in the trailer for the film "A Fine Line" by clicking on the image below. The 50-minute video can be downloaded for $12.99 at HDclimbingvideos.com. 

Click the image to watch the trailer for "A Fine Line."