Jimmy Webb Kicks Off Euro Trip with From the Dirt Grows the Flowers (V14/15)

posted by dpm on 03/10/2014

Jimmy Webb is back in Europe and already ticking away at world-famous hard problems. He started off in Switzerland with a few 8B/V13’s: Boogalagga and Collateral at Chironico, and Santoku at Ticino. Santoku is a relatively new problem established by Fabian Buhl. Watch Fabi on the first ascent here.

Jimmy also managed a quick ascent of Dave Graham’s From the Dirt Grows the Flowers with the left exit. Dave’s original version tops out directly with a hard mantle into an overhead gaston. It’s considered to be V15. An alternate finish was discovered later, traversing hard left along the lip of the boulder and thought to be about the same difficult. Jimmy chose this version, for now, and suggested V14 but notes on his 8a scorecard that his “main goal is to climb Dave's original finish.”

Click the image to watch video of Adam Ondra on two of Chironico’s hardest boulders. He does the direct version of From the Dirt Grows the Flowers, and Big Paw which is the sit start to Boogalagga, another problem that Jimmy has in his crosshairs.