Jimmy Webb flashes Roses and Blue Jays (V13)

posted by dpm on 12/13/2012

Today, Jimmy Webb flashed the iconic New England boulder problem Roses and Blue Jays (V13). This is almost certainly the first flash of the line. Last week, I asked Jimmy what he wanted to do during his trip to the Northeast and he called it. "I'd like to give a good flash attempt on Roses and Blue Jays," he said.

On his first day there, he went out and did it. Then he did two more V11's and a V10. Not a bad day. He writes on his 8a scorecard: "The most spectacular boulder. Freak good conditions today and I was able to climb the boulder perfectly making not a single mistake. A dream come true." This is Jimmy's first flash of the grade but with 37 other V13's under his belt, I'd say it's about time! Well done Jimmy. Click the image below for some video of Evan Race climbing this killer line.