Jimmy Webb: First Ascent of Colorado V15

posted by dpm on 09/05/2013


Jimmy Webb has established a new V15 at Mt. Evans' Lincoln Lake in Colorado. His new problem, Wheel of Wolvo, is located on the Evil Backwards boulder. "It's a brand new start from the back of the biggest part of the cave," he said."It's so sick. A ten-move 8b+ (V14) ends at a good jug and then you finish on the fifteen-move 8a/+ (V11/12) called The Overcling Traverse."

Jimmy throws shakas at the resting point between the V14 and V11/12 sections. Photo: Dave Graham's Instagram. Follow him here.

This marks Jimmy's first V15 boulder problem, though it would be more accurate to say that this is the first problem that Jimmy suggested the V15 grade for. He's done a few other problems, like Warrior Up at Mt. Evans, that were originally graded V15 but that he suggested V14 for. Jimmy commented on the grade: "I think for my personal climbing I feel as if this one is the first 8C that I have actually climbed. Others in the past just don't in my personal opinion fit the part. This one is hard and having Daniel (Woods) and Dave (Graham) there trying too really puts it into perspective. It's a problem that suits me to a tee and is still really hard for me."

So is it the hardest problem he's climbed? That would certainly be saying something about the difficulty of the line. Jimmy wonders the same thing saying, "I'm really not sure. A lot goes in to that answer and it's hard for me to say. Progression is a rad thing and what might have been really hard for me just one year ago could be a different story now. I feel my style is beginning to adapt and I'm psyched to be here in Colorado where there are many problems that don't fit my style. It's gonna be great training for me and I'm stoked to see the progression."

Jimmy noted on his 8a scorecard that he's "psyched to go back and try one of the harder exits." Who knows what wheel might be the next to roll out of Colorado. They've now got the Wheel of Chaos and Wheel of Wolvo. Maybe Wheel of Fortune is next? Wheel of Cheese? Only time will tell. For now Wheel of Wolvo certainly stands as one of the benchmark hard problems in Colorado. 

Jimmy Webb on Wheel of Wolvo (V15). Photo: Dave Graham Instagram