Jimmy Webb: Barndoor 2000 (V12) First Ascent

posted by dpm on 10/21/2011


It’s pretty rare in today’s world to find an undone project, in the middle of an extremely popular destination area, that’s been visited by many strong climbers.  Especially if that problem is indisputably beautiful with perfect holds on flawless stone.  Yesterday, Jimmy Webb got the first ascent of the Barndoor 2000 project at Little Rock City, a problem that Jimmy refers to in his blog as “loooong standing.”  Not only did he send it, but as you’ll see in the video, he’s got it wired and could probably run laps on it.  The day before, he also managed the first ascent of Team 87, a slab problem he’d been trying on and off for three years with Brion Voges.  He speculated a grade of V10.  Good run Jimmy, keep it up.     

Click the image for video of the first ascent.