Jimmy Webb: Another V13 Flash and More

posted by dpm on 04/25/2014

Jimmy Webb continues his unprecedented spree of hard bouldering in Switzerland with another V13 flash and three more V14’s.

A few days after Jimmy’s ascent of Practice of the Wild (V15) he ticked American Gangster (V14) in Zillertal. Two days later he managed to flash Life, the Universe and Everything (V13) and commented that he was “very lucky” to pull it off and that it has some of the best moves he’s done.

He then returned for the low start to the Riverbed (V13), a problem he’d flashed earlier in the trip. From Shallow Waters to the Riverbed climbs like a route, according to Jimmy, and adds a notch of difficulty, making it V14. Yesterday he claimed what is likely the 3rd ascent of Chris Webb Parson’s Believe in Two in Magic Wood. Originally given the V15 grade, the problem was repeated by Daniel Woods in 2011 and suggested as V14. Jimmy agreed with the V14 difficulty.

These latest ascents bring Jimmy’s Swiss trip tally to three V15’s, twelve V14’s, two V13 flashes, six V12 flashes and twenty-four other V10 and harder problems, many of which were flashes as well.

DPM cameras were rolling when Daniel Woods claimed the 2nd ascent of Believe in Two. Click the image for video of this great-looking problem.

Source: 8a.nu