Isabelle Faus Climbs Trice (V12)

posted by dpm on 03/06/2014

Isabelle Faus has climbed Trice (V12) at Flagstaff Mountain, Colorado. This is her 2nd problem of the grade following Mt. Evans’ No More Greener Grasses which she climbed this past fall.

Trice was established by Jim Holloway in 1975 and might have been the world’s first V12, of course, the V-scale wouldn’t be created for another 15 years. Trice saw its first repeat in 2007 by Carlo Traversi and Alex Puccio claimed the first female ascent the following year.

Jim Holloway is considered to be one of the pioneers of hard American bouldering and his problems have become legendary along the Colorado Front Range. He is credited as one of the first to “project” a boulder problem, devoting multiple days of effort to a single problem. He was also one of the first to simulate a movement in his home which helped him train the specific strength needed to complete Meathook, another 1975 V12 that took him 20 days of effort.


  Click the image for video of Isabelle climbing Sunshine (V11) at Hueco Tanks, Texas.

Paul Robinson climbed Trice the day after Isabelle. Click the image for video.

Source: 8a.nu, Wikipedia