Iker Pou: First ascent of Celedon (5.15a)

posted by dpm on 09/21/2012


Iker Pou has claimed the first ascent of Celedon (5.15a) in Ilarduia, Spain. On his blog, he notes that the 42-meter line, which he equipped four years ago, is one of the most beautiful he's every bolted.

Iker Pou on Celedon (5.15a). Photo: Iker's blog

Last spring, Iker completed two other hard first ascents at Ilarduia, near his home in Spain: Los Puntos Sobre las X (5.14b/c) and Harroputza (5.14d). He also established Nit de Bruixes at Margalef before taking the summer away from sport climbing and heading to Baffin Island, Canada. While there, he and his brother Eneko completed multiple first free ascents of big walls including their 16 pitch 5.13d, The Door

Click the image for video of Iker on Nit de Bruixes (5.15a)