Hueco Rock Rodeo: Results

posted by dpm on 02/19/2013

As event organizer Melissa Strong put it, "20 years and Fred Nicole, what else could you ask for?" The legendary boulderer and author of some of Hueco's hardest problems was there and the word is that he makes a mean pancake. Fred was just one of many top climbers that came out for the Rock Rodeo, one of bouldering's most prestigious outdoor comps.

Jimmy Webb on Neon Desert. Photo Merrick Ales/Melissa Strong's blog. 

Paul Robinson took home first place for the men after an impressive day. First, Paul climbed Bastard in a Basket (V13) and Blood of a Young Wolf (V14). He went on to tick four more V12's and a V11. In 2nd place, Sam Davis proved that locals rule as he edged out Jimmy Webb who took 3rd.

Angie Payne finished in first for the women after a day spent with Nina Williams who ended up in 2nd. Competitors were asked to keep track of the number of tries they put into each boulder problem in the event of a tie. Unclear if working the topouts constituted a 'try' the duo decided early in the day to try everything from the start each time. Angie wrote on her blog, "In the end, it was probably not the wisest decision, but it was the precedent we set at the beginning of the day, so we stuck with it. This made for a LOT of climbing." Jill Waters finished the day in third for the ladies.

These, of course, are just the top finishers in the open category. The rest of the competitors put up just as much of a fight and impressive days were had all around. Aside from the fun and competition, the event successfully raised over $10,000 for the good of the park. American Alpine Club representative John Bragg was there to celebrate the first Rock Rodeo held at the Hueco Rock Ranch since the AAC purchased the property. Bragg presented $9000 to the Hueco Tanks State Park and $1000 to the Climbers of Hueco Tanks Coalition. In addition, $1500 was raised through a raffle to support the youth comp and get local kids from the area out climbing.

Event organizer Melissa Strong has a much more detailed account, including many excellent photos, of the event on her blog. Check it out here. Angie Payne also has a nice write up about the day that you can read here.

Angie Payne on Crimping Christ on the Cross. Click the image to watch the highlight reel from the day's events. 


Full Results are listed below:

Women’s Open-

1) Angie Payne 2960 pts.

2) Nina Williams 2085 pts.

3) Jill Waters 1885 pts.


Men’s Open-

1) Paul Robinson 7780 pts.

2) Sam Davis 7615 pts.

3) Jimmy Webb 7065 pts.

4) Jon Cardwell 7010 pts.

5) Sam Tingey 2810 pts.


Women’s Advanced-

1) Layla Mammi 3005 pts., 7 falls

2) Rachel Meyers 3005 pts., 11 falls

3) Robin Maslowski 2020 pts., 0 falls

4) Olivia Hsu 2020 pts., 3 falls


Men’s Advanced-

1) Kyle O’Meara 5705 pts.

2) Nathan Drolet 5615 pts.

3) Hoeun Cha 5055 pts.

4) Dante Aechangeli 4725 pts.

5) Mirko Caballero 4650 pts.

6) Alex McIntyre 3025 pts.


Women’s Intermediate-

1) Mary Grace Helton 300 pts., 0 falls

2) Chloe Jackson 300 pts., 5 falls

3) Elisabeth Asteak always turn in your scorecard


Men’s Intermediate-

1) Brandon Binford 4010 pts.

2) Joe Varela 3860 pts.

3) Jesse Johnston 3850 pts.

4) Bobby Retzloff 3210 pts.

4) Nic Sutton 3210 pts.

6) William Butierez 3145 pts.


Women’s Recreational-

1) Chelsea Hobgood 2120 pts.

2) Samantha Visbal 1890 pts.

3) Christine Boilard 1440 pts.

4) Andrea Williams 1280 pts.

5) Teresa Nguyen 1190 pts.

6) Natalie Troy 740 pts.


Men’s Recreational-

1) Ian Hanna 2400 pts.

2) Chris Arth 2100 pts.

3) Michael Zabelewicz 1870 pts.

4) Ian Huber 1800 pts.

5) Michael Campbell 1710 pts.

6) Joshua Ringenberger 1630 pts.



1) Ty Foose 3935 pts.