From Hueco to Arkansas Voges & Robinson Continue Their Tear

posted by dpm on 12/22/2009

From Hueco to Arkansas Voges & Robinson Continue Their Tear
Brion Voges and Paul Robinson have been enjoying the winter temps. The cold weather has been helping them pull down on the classic test pieces of Hueco Tanks and the Ozarks of Arkansas.

Brion Voges on One Inch Pinch courtesy of:

Winter break is in full force and climbers everywhere are enjoying the beginning of the season.  Five Ten athletes Brion Voges and Paul Robinson are taking full advantage of the drop in temperature to help them tick off Arkansas and Hueco's finest lines.  Voges, who is currently in Hueco, has already made quick work of two solid 8Bs, Full Throttle & Diabolique. A week prior to his trip to the Tanks, Brion hit up the sandstone of the Ozarks where he was able to dispatch One Inch Pinch V12, Bloody Knuckles V11, and Chunk Up the Deuce V12. Congrats!

Chuck Fryberger

Paul Robinson is currently in Arkansas tearing through the Ozarks most prominent lines.  Paul's first day yielded the "new" Anti-Hero (after the break) V13,  Loved By Few, Hated By Many V13, a flash of Bloody Knuckles V11 and an ascent of  Hurricane V10.  The next day Paul moved to the area commonly known as Fred's Cave and put on an impressive display by dispatching One Inch Pinch V13, Chunk Up The Deuce V13 before flashing Fred's Roof V11.  Robinson was also able to put down Dave Graham's Wood Grain Grippin V14...rumor has it he is working on several hard new projects within the area.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Paul on Welcome to Fight Club courtesy of Evan Ramsey