Hard Boulders for Webb and Graham

posted by dpm on 09/18/2013


Colorado climbers are back at it, making the best of a bouldering season that was cut short by the storm of the century and devastating floods that followed. Dave Graham headed back to Lincoln Lake where he claimed the third ascent of Wheel of Wolvo (V15) after Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods.

Dave Graham on Wheel of Wolvo (V15). Photo: Paul Dusatko/Facebook

Jimmy Webb sought out The Ice Knife in Guanella Pass and claimed the fourth ascent after Graham, Woods, and Paul Robinson. Unsurprisingly, Jimmy is the first to suggest a grade of V14 for the problem, a notch down from its original V15 grade. 

Jimmy Webb on the Ice Knife (V14/15). Photo: Jimmy's Instagram

Click here to watch video of Dave Graham on the first ascent of The Ice Knife.