Halfway there: Ondra redpoints midway on his Flatanger Cave project

posted by dpm on 07/27/2012


About two weeks ago, Adam Ondra bolted a new line in Norway's Flatanger Cave. In the video below, Adam suggests that the 55-meter pitch might be the hardest in the world saying, "It feels hard and I think once it's going to be climbed, it's going to be one of the hardest routes in the world, maybe the hardest. We will see."

He's just redpointed the first 20 meters to the first anchor and suggested a grade of 9a+ or 5.15a. He estimates that tacking on the extension might put the full route at 5.15c which would be the hardest in the world. The video below shows him working the first part of the route and it looks outrageous. Come on Adam. You're halfway there!

Click the image for video of Ondra working the first half of his Flatanger Cave Project.