Guillaume Glairon Mondet: The Big Island (V15)

posted by dpm on 01/16/2013

Frenchman Guillaume Glairon Mondet has sent The Big Island (V15) in Fontainebleau, France. Once touted as 'the last great project' in the forest, The Island was originally sent by Dave Graham in 2008. The original version of the line, done by Dave, started from a bit of a crouched position atop a boulder which you can see in the video here. In early 2010, local Bleausard Vincent Pochon started lower, from the ground, and named his version The Big Island. The original version of the problem has now been repeated numerous times and the grade has settled in at V14. Pochon's Big Island has held the V15 grade and is rarely repeated. Lucas Menegatti claimed the 2nd ascent in 2011

Guillaume noted on his 8a scorecard that he sent the problem exactly three years from the day he started working on it. Twelve sessions later, he was able to link the entire boulder. Click the image below for video of Mondet on the send go. 

Click the image for video

For more info on Guillaume Glairon Mondet, click the image below to watch the Stash video "Both Sides of the Spectrum." Mondet discusses the balance in his life between the challenges of training and World Cup bouldering, and the rewards of outdoor climbing. 

Click the image to watch the Stash video featuring Guillaume Glairon Mondet.