Gone Fishing: April Fools!

posted by dpm on 04/02/2014

We take April Fools day very seriously here at DPM. In 2012, we introduced the world to Patriotic Climbers International, an advocacy group with the goal of keeping American pro-climbers from fleeing to Spain. Last year we made “Climbing Finally Safe for Everyone” by installing perma-draws on all the trad routes at the New River Gorge.

This year we may have gone a bit overboard by joking that DPM had become a fishing media site. The entire homepage was transformed from top-to-bottom with fishing news articles, videos, reviews, profiles, etc. It was a good prank but we’re now back to our regularly scheduled program of climbing media and the nature of it was so overwhelming that it had to be taken down. In case you missed it, you can read all the fishing articles by clicking on the links below.


DPM Transitions from Climbing Media to Fishing Media

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Climbing Gear:

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The Grind: Stretching the Truth: How to Get the Big Fish Money Shot!

Profiles: Bill Dance

Training: Improve your Cast

Features: How do Fish Breathe?