Gabriele Moroni: 5.14d FA in China

posted by dpm on 11/28/2011


Italian climber Gabriele Moroni recently completed a handful of noteworthy ascents including the first ascent of a 5.14d in Getu, China.  During the Petzl Roc Trip he worked on the first ascent of what would become Coup de Bambou (5.14d) with big name climbers from around the globe including Dave Graham, Enzo Oddo, Michael Fuselier, Jon Cardwell and others.  On his last day in China, Gabri snagged the first ascent of the route which is a direct start to Polvo Technica (5.14b/c).  He notes on his blog that this route, along with Ethan Pringle’s Spicy Dumpling at Yangshuo, is the hardest route in China. 

Gabri on Coup de Bambou (5.14d).  Photo: Beau Kahler/Gabri's blog

Just a few days ago, now back in Italy, Moroni got the second ascent of an Adam Ondra route called Masoniamoci (5.14c/d) at the crag Masone (click the image below for video).  According to his scorecard, he’s been on a first ascent tear recently with a handful of other FA’s including: Bella Regis (5.14c) at Trento, Pizza Connection (5.14b) at Esino,  Siamo Squali nelle Reti (5.14a) at Trento, and Questione di Feeling (5.14a) at Esino.    

Click the image for video of the second ascent of Masoniamoci (5.14c/d)