G2 Sends J-Tree Testpiece: Iron Resolution (V13)

posted by dpm on 02/22/2011


After sweeping through Bishop and hiking all the intense crimp lines on the Grandma Peabody face including Direct North (V14), Guillaume Glairon-Mondet (G2 for short) visited Joshua Tree National Park with a single goal in mind; grab the “likely” 3rd ascent of Chris Sharma’s Iron Resolution (V13). 


Photo: Anthony Lapomardo


Iron Resolution was originally a part of a large cliff-band but after a wild storm, the block toppled from the wall and exposed a beautiful, hard boulder problem.  The line sat undone until Chris Sharma claimed the FA several years ago at the start of the New Year.  Several months later Ethan Pringle grabbed the 2nd ascent.  This was about three years ago.  Since that time the block has repelled everyone who has attempted to climb it.  There had been rumors that the holds had crumbled and that it was no longer climbable.  Both rumors were unfounded and proven wrong with yesterday’s successful ascent.


Photo: Anthony Lapomardo

On Monday, after only a short night’s sleep (he drove in at 1am in the morning), Guillaume set to work on the boulder.  After pitching initially from the furthest right crimp, and then a tricky pull onto the face, Guillaume Glarion-Mondet was able to send in a brief two hours.  G2 stated that he believed the line, although different from the problems he had done in Bishop, was solid for the grade.  Congrats G2!


Look for an upcoming interview with the French strong-man in DPM’s Pro-Files and stay tuned for exclusive video of G2’s ascent of Iron Resolution.