Future Islands: In Evening Air

posted by dpm on 09/15/2011


With thick textures of throwback synth rock, a dash of gruffy Tom Waits-by-way-of-snarling-Billy Idol vocals, and a thin veil of controlled chaos, the Oriole state’s Future Islands may very well be the new savior of underground electro-pop.   

Introduced to me through “Aweditorium”, a spectacularly fun and time consuming free app for iPhones/iPads, In Evening Air has consumed the pole position in my personal music menagerie.  Until now, Future Islands has managed to maintain a relatively sleeper status with most of the snobby, underground music scene, wearing several different hats, and moonlighting with several outstanding percussive EPs and remixed singles (check out In The Fall and Undressed).  Now, with a new album on Thrill Jockey Records under their collective belt, Future Islands has swept the dust from beneath their bed, pushed the hair back from their eyes, and unfurled their silver-lined weirdo wings.

 “Walking Through That Door”, and the album’s jewel, “Long Flight”, kick start In Evening Air, jointly tag-teaming your aural apertures, viciously spitting out top-down tidings of roused love and weighty heartache in a stylish, quasi-Bowie peculiarity.  Following the short-lived and plenty-filling “Tin Man”, the troubador shoves us through a hypnotic threshold with his scratchy concessions on “An Apology”.  The instrumental title track splits the album devisively with its beautifully-crafted, slightly out of tune piano strings.  “Swept Inside” crests abruptly with sharp conviction, swirling an angular jab at the icy desires of lost love.  My personal favorite, “Inch of Dust”, ends on an absolute high, and “Vireo’s Eye” builds a superlative blend of ‘80s dance floor, goth-rock electromagnetism—perfect for letting off some steam.  The final track “As I Fall” is the “to be continued” to this outrageously solid nine song saga.

This disc is well-worth the iTunes or Amazon purchase, and is a suitable supplement to whatever gets you going at morning, noon, or night.  Git some!  

-Christopher Duca       

Future Islands: In Evening Air