French 'Spiderman' at it again

posted by dpm on 08/30/2010

Alain Robert, the famous French free-soloist known for ropeless ascents of the world's tallest buildings, is back at it.


Alain Robert.  Photos from his Facebook fan page

This time he's taken on the 57-story Lumiere building in Sydney, Australia.  It took him about 20 minutes to scale the building and as usual he was promptly taken into custody on top.  

Alain Robert has free-soloed over 50 skyscrapers in over 20 countries around the world.  His most notable ascents include Chicago's Sear's Tower, New York's Empire State Building, Paris' Eiffel Tower and Sydney's Opera House.  His attempt to climb the tallest building in the world (at the time), Malaysia's Petronas Tower, took three attempts.  In 1997 he was arrested at the 60th floor, in 2007 he was again arrested at the 60th floor, and in 2009 he finally reached the summit and was arrested yet again.  He has also scaled what is currently the tallest building in the world:  Taiwan's Taipei 101, which tops out at 1'667 feet!  


One of his many ropeless exploits.  Photo: Facebook


Alain certainly holds the record for having free-soloed more skyscrapers in the world than anyone else.  He probably also holds the record for receiving the most fines for climbing illegally.  And finally, he has probably been in more foreign prisons than any other climber.  Fortunately for Alain, despite his stunning good-looks and flowing mane, I doubt anyone has ever made this guy their personal 'prison bitch'!


 photo: Facebook