Forest Fires Continue to Threaten Mt. Charleston

posted by dpm on 07/08/2013


Forest fire on Mt. Charleston. Photo: Foxnews

It's been one week since the wildfire known as "Carpenter 1" blazed up near the popular climbing area of Mt. Charleston, Nevada. Since then, it's burned nearly 15,000 acres and cost taxpayers 2.4 million dollars. It's also prevented Las Vegas climbers from escaping the heat of the city to seek respite in the cooler high-altitude conditions of their favorite summertime crag. High temps in the city this past week have hovered between 103 and an ungodly 113 degrees Fahrenheit. This certainly hasn't helped slow the fire which is only 15% contained and still threatening the surrounding homes and, of course, the climbing area. The climbing access road, Kyle Canyon Road, is closed and likely will be for some time. No word yet on how the fire may damage the actual climbing area but it stands to reason that there could be lasting damage to the cliff and almost definitely the cliff base and forest. Keep up with the fire fighting progress here and if you have a Vegas climbing trip planned for this summer, you might want to explore some other options