Fake Petzl Products Found in China

posted by dpm on 02/12/2011


Knock-off Petzl products have been discovered in China that look identical but do not meet UIAA standards.  Petzl recently brought this issue to the consumer’s attention in hopes that they can identify and stop the sale of the fake goods before they flood the market.  The scary part is that these seemingly identical Petzl products fail under unsatisfactory loads making them extremely unsafe for climbing purposes.  The following products have been identified as potentially counterfeit.



From the Petzl site:


There is a significant risk that these counterfeit products could open or otherwise fail at low loads and under normal use:

  • These counterfeit products do not meet UIAA or CE safety standards.
  • These counterfeit products do not meet Petzl safety and quality requirements.



It will be very difficult for you to identify these fakes:

They have been reproduced in a way that makes them very difficult to identify. The following features have been reproduced nearly identically:

  • Design
  • Color
  • Product markings
  • Batch number
  • Instructions for use (down to the most minor details)
  • Packaging

Only an in-depth analysis allows us to identify these counterfeit products, due to minor differences in the tools used to produce them.


To date, only a few counterfeits have been found on the market, and thus far none in North America.


Please check the Petzl site for more information and tips on who to contact if you feel you may have purchased a potentially counterfeit product.  This article is not intended to generate fear of Petzl products which are some of the safest and highest quality on the market.  It is only intended to raise awareness of the issue and spread the word before even one product ends up in the hands of climbers.