Event: Dual Duel Bouldering Competition

posted by dpm on 02/13/2014

Alabama climbing advocate Adam Henry is hosting a new and interesting competition format that will take place in two parts at the state’s two best boulder fields. The first comp will be held at the Hospital Boulders on March 1st while the second will take place at Horse Pens 40 on March 15th. Proceeds from the competition will go toward paying off the purchase of the Hospital boulders, a climber owned boulder field recently purchased by the Southeastern Climbers Coalition. Between this event and the upcoming Rock and Rave, it looks promising that the loan will be paid off by the end of the year, but not without your help. All you have to do is show up and have a good time, and if you’re strong enough, you might end up going home with some prizes.

Adam Henry explains the comp format:

Two events where teams of two compete at the two best boulder fields in Alabama. 

The format will require teamwork and strategy to win. The well-planned circuit finished by noon won't be an option. The competitive pair with the strongest muscles, best skin, and biggest egos may have a slight advantage, but it will take more than the power of ONE to win. 

2 person team.  That’s right two people compete together.  The individual format is out on this one.  You must have a partner to compete. Climbers will be faced with seeking out a set number of problems within each field for their category within the 7 hour time slot at each boulder field.  Each competition will have 30 problems prominently marked for each team category (see below) for identification, but guides/map will not be provided. It will be the job of the competitive teams to seek out problems within the labyrinths of stone.  Strategy is the name of the game here.

The team that finishes ALL problems in the quickest time wins.  If all problems are not completed the team with the most problems completed in the 7 hour time wins.  A winner will be determined for individual comps and cumulative time/problems completed at the two events will determine winners for series. You must climb with the same partner at both events in order to be considered for the series prizes.

All the logistical info and pre-registration details can be found at the Dual Duel website or on their Facebook Page