Enzo Oddo Climbs The Beautiful and Damned

posted by dpm on 03/07/2011

-Anthony Lapomardo


The 16-year-old wonder boy nabs the 3rd ascent of an extremely terrifying highball in the Buttermilks.


Photo courtesy of Petzl.com


Enzo has been tearing up the highball problems of Bishop on his short visit to the States.  First, he dispatched Ambrosia V11 (watch the video), which is an amazing feat in its own right. And now reports have surfaced that Enzo grabbed the 3rd ascent of The Beautiful and Damned V13. 

The line, which was filmed for King Lines with Ethan and Chris battling for the 2nd ascent was first put up by Kevin Jorgeson and involves a vicious stab to a small crimp while treading dangerously high off the deck.  During the filming of the video, even Chris Sharma backed down from the send due to the height of this boulder and the impending upper crux. Enzo is rumored to be staying in the area for a little while longer, so who knows what may go down next. Congrats Enzo!