Emotional Landscapes (8C/V15) for Nalle Hukkataival

posted by dpm on 05/06/2014

Nalle on Emotional Landscapes (V15). Photo: Nalle's Instagram

Less than a week after his first ascent of Bügeleisen Sit, Nalle managed to send Emotional Landscapes (8C/V15) in Maltatal, Austria. He reported on Instagram, “Last day, best day! Managed to squeeze in a last minute send of Klem Loskot's Emotional Landscapes 8C!! If there's one thing I've learned this trip, it's that everything doesn't have to be perfect and good things happen when you least expect it! Sometimes you get a crazy head-cold, sleep for 17 hours and send your project on the last day! What a good ending to a great trip! Onto the next one!”

Klem claimed the first ascent of Emotional Landscapes in 2002 after three years of effort. It was repeated in 2004 by Martin Moser and Nalle’s ascent is believed to be the third. Klem had originally suggested a grade of V14 but Nalle, who has a long tick list of V14 and V15 problems throughout the world, is suggesting V15. This beautiful problem is another testament to Klem’s vision and ability. Over a decade later, V15 is still the benchmark for elite boulderers.

Click the image for great video of Klem Loskot working for the first ascent of Emotional Landscapes.