Dominion River Rock: Bouldering and Dyno Comp

posted by dpm on 05/15/2012


This Thursday, May 17, the Dominion River Rock festival kicks off in Richmond, Virginia. New this year is the addition of a dyno comp with an overall prize purse of 1,700 dollars. The dyno comp will be held Sunday at 1:00 but the organizers are offering a semi-finals exhibition at 5:00 on Brown's Island. From the press release:

Richmond, VA –Dominion Riverrock kicks off with a special sneak preview of the first-ever Bouldering Dyno Competition on Thursday, May 17 at 6:00 p.m. at the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar. The Dyno Comp is a very visual event where skilled climbers will throw their biggest jump from one volume to the next, earning as many points as they can in one minute.

Competitors earn points by linking starts and finishes. Each side men's and women's will have three individual starts. Each start is worth a different point value. The higher the points for the start the harder it is. Holds in the "finish" zone are also worth points and like the start the higher the point value the harder it should be to earn them. When a competitor "sticks" a finish hold they have earned the combined total of their start and finish.

The top ten men and women on Thursday night will advance to the finals, which will be held on Sunday at 1 p.m.

The dyno comp is just one part of the huge Dominion River Rock festival. Last year's bouldering comp, held on the unique "cage" wall, was a great success with tons of spectators turning out. There are lots of other events as well and remember, it's all free!

From the Dominion River Rock website:

Dominion Riverrock presented by Subaru is the East Coast's premier outdoor lifestyle festival, bringing athletes, spectators, musicians, and even dogs to Brown’s Island and Historic Tredegar for a three-day festival against the backdrop of downtown Richmond’s urban riverfront. The festival features a variety of outdoor sports including trail running, kayaking, biking, bouldering, stand up paddleboarding, slacklining and dog jumping. The event was designed to promote Richmond’s unique riverfront, downtown trails and whitewater rapids to outdoor enthusiasts. As a result of the creation of Dominion Riverrock, there is a stronger appreciation for the value of outdoor recreation throughout the entire Richmond region. All events and concerts are FREE to spectators!

Like last year, DPM will be there to cover the event. If you can make it out, it's definitely worth it and we guarantee a great time. If you can't, we've got you covered and will have a full write-up and video after the event. See you there!

For videos of last year's event and more info about this year's event read a DPM article here.

Click here for the official Dominion River Rock event site for more details.