Die Antwoord: $0$

posted by dpm on 02/25/2010

-Chris Duca

Die Antwoord, or “The Answer”, is the brain child of Watkin Tudor Jones (aka “Ninja”), the South Africanmixed media artist whose penchant for Vanilla Ice hairstyles, “Zef-Rap” (“a full-flex, from the street experience”, according to Ninja), bad tattoos (you just have to see it to believe it), and thick civil satire is only barely balanced out by his charred status as a genuine rap performer. This guy is to the Hip-Hop scene what Ali G. is to the silver screen; a self-stylized chameleon who gets off on making a spectacle of himself and others. And if that does not force you to change your radio dial, then you should check out their Youtube music videos—CHRIST!! If swingin’ cocks in Pink Floyd boxers, buxom bleach blondes capped with bad haircuts, and wheel-chaired cripples trying to flash gang signs with their arthritic hands is your thing, then you will not be let down, my friend. 
From their fanned-out Facebook page, to their gaudy website (www.dieantwoord.com), the members of Die Antwoord—Ninja, Yo Landi Vi$$er, and beat monster, DJ Hi-Tek—are not just staking claim to the world-wide interwebs, but to the whole fuckin’ planet. Together, they “represent the sound of the Zuid (huh?!) Afrikaanse streets”—the common man—and spin “next level beats” using nothing more than Dj Hi-Tek’s PC computer, some fresh beat-boxing, and a shit-ton of filthy South African street lingo. All kidding aside, their album, 0$0, is a surprising work of raw, forthright talent; a sharp tongue-in-cheek elegy aimed at re-educating the masses about what it means to be from the streets, and living the hard life. In an interview featured on their website, Ninja describes what it is to be from the streets—the Zef Side—of Cape Town, South Africa: “You know you’re from the Zef side when you haven’t changed your underpants, and it’s smelling funky—South Africa’s pretty fuckin’ funky!” ‘Nuf said??!! 

Tour dates have not solidified as of yet; however they are planning a world tour starting in Europe and ending in North American later this year. Where they’ll hit, nobody knows.   One thing is for certain, though—if these three cherubs with broken halos can’t help you find the “crooked path to enlightenment”, nobody can! Now, I’m not entirely sold on the suggestion that Die Antwoord is a serious act, or not. You need to figure that out for yourself. So definitely schedule some time into your day to visit their website for some hilariousness and free music downloads (their entire album is available for free, suckahs!!). Also check out some of their videos: 


And if that’s not enough for your brain, become a fan of theirs on Facebook like I did.