Dave Graham Sends Paint it Black (V15) and Numerous FA's

posted by dpm on 04/30/2012


Dave Graham has continued to do what Dave Graham does, which is no surprise considering that he keeps doing it! After nine days of work, he's managed the third ascent of Paint it Black (V15) in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. The problem was opened by Daniel Woods and recently repeated by Paul Robinson.

Dave Graham on The Grey (V14). Photo: Bearcam Media

Dave's also been engaged in a whirlwind of discovering and establishing new problems in the area. The day before Paint it Black he claimed the first ascent of The Grey (V14) calling it "one of the best climbs I have done in the United States." In the same area, called Wild Basin, he put up Dead Meadow and Tetris (both V13), Achromatic and Bear Toss (both V13) in RMNP, and Pocket Frogs (V13) in Elkland. He established a new V12 "close to the crib" called The Skyward Sword (V12), nabbed a 2nd ascent of Carefully by Hand (V12) in Elkland, and added four more V11's to the region as well. This is likely a wrap-up to Dave's season in Colorado as he'll be leaving soon for a trip to Australia.

Source: 8a.nu  

Dead Meadow (V13) Photo: Bearcam Media