Daniel Woods sends proposed V16

posted by dpm on 02/12/2010

Woods Sends Boulder Super Project by Anthony Lapomardo

The much hyped super project in Boulder Canyon saw its first ascent by Daniel Woods. Woods has dubbed the line The Game and given it the lofty grade of V16.
Photo courtesy of Cedar Wright & http://verticalcarnival.blogspot.com
The super project in boulder canyon has thwarted all who have attempted to claim this line. Fresh off his outing to Hueco, which included a send of Fred Nicole’s Terremer, Woods finally put to bed this long standing project.
Big Up Productions was there to catch all the action and Woods posted some commentary on Cedar Wright’s blog (Cedar filmed the action) about the send:
“I called the problem "The Game" because I had to click into game mode, and really train myself for these moves. I played the game and I ended up winning the game. Game over.”
Photo courtesy of Jamie Emerson & www.b3bouldering.com
The Game took Woods 17 days of effort spread over 2 years. Woods confirmed that this line was a step above numerous other V15’s that he had sent in the past. Woods stated that the moves were the hardest moves he has done thus far. With this super project out of his way Woods will be moving his focus elsewhere, perhaps some more action in Boulder Canyon.
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