Daniel Woods Sends Bubble Wrap Project

posted by dpm on 01/30/2013


Daniel Woods has climbed one of the last great Colorado Front Range projects; and he did it indoors. The Bubble Wrap project was set five years ago at Boulder, Colorado's CATS climbing gym and denied all efforts until now. CATS is a strange little anomaly in the climbing gym world. They rarely, if ever, reset the holds creating an environment for those willing to project a problem for years with little fear of it being taken down. It's a greasy little dungeon, compared to the bigger gyms, where some of the Colorado elite go to get swole. CATS, which stands for Colorado Athletic Training School, describes the gym on their website:

"For becoming a stronger, better rock climber there is simply no better gym. CATS does not coddle with too many jugs, big feet, dihedrals or silly climbing. Especially with a crew of friends, CATS is very fun as well compared to traditional gyms where you have to deal with crowds and poor setting. CATS is whatever you want it to be, you can spend all day doing 30+ move traverses, crush out 3 move power problems on the smallest crimps you have ever seen, or climb out the absolute pinnacle of training; the CATS steep wall."

Daniel's send of the Bubble Wrap Project was filmed by resident, dungeon master, route setter James O'Connor. No grade has been proposed but I'm personally speculating it to be at least V14 based on the effort Daniel put in and a previous video of Daniel and Carlo Traversi projecting it. Click the image below to watch the send.

Click the image for video.

Daniel's send of this indoor problem reminds me of one of my all-time favorite climbing clips. The short, super-old-school, video "Splinter" documents the legendary Malcolm Smith's battle with an indoor nemesis that he built on a tiny home wall in Dunbar, Scotland. The homemade holds seem to be roughly cut with a jigsaw and the wall is barely big enough to harbor a V14. The black and white accentuates the dreary landscape of a winter in Scotland where Smith holed up and set to work projecting the problem. As the Brits would say, it's a brilliant clip of madness, motivation and inspiration seemingly plucked from the B-roll of "Trainspotting." 

Click the image for video.