Daniel Woods is a Crook by the Book

posted by dpm on 12/28/2010

Daniel Woods Opens a New V13 in Hueco
-Anthony Lapomardo

Daniel continues to light up Hueco by putting to bed another long-standing project in the East Spur.
Photo by Merrick Ales
First, he sent a project to the left of Slashface which he dubbed Carol of the Bones (V13). And, today, Woods put to rest another project located in the East Spur behind Jigsaw which he dubbed Crook by the Book
Woods is suggesting V13 for his new problem and he described the problem on his 8a scorecard stating, “amazing compression problem with one low percentage move to a split-finger undercling. Took 5 days to do compared to the other FA’s. More projects to do.” With the winter temps at their best look for more hard FA’s to follow.