Colette McInerney Sounds Off to DPM

posted by dpm on 03/16/2009

Colette McInerney Sounds Off to DPM: Don't be Afraid if you See the Ladies Pissin on Your Next Project!

"Don't be Afraid if you See the Ladies Pissin' on Your Next Project!"- Colette McInerney is the type of girl who will let you know her name instead of allowing you to refer to her as "Joe Kinder's Girlfriend." She comes across as shy and soft spoken, but meek she is not.

DPM: You're constantly on the road, making small little stints here and there. Does that lag on your climbing psyche, not to have a real home base?

It can go both ways. Constantly moving can wear on you, but then again you stay motivated because you're always seeing new, rad places. When we first started just climbing I would run into people that were already living this lifestyle. I saw how they would get psyched for rest days and would get bitchy about climbing. I was totally confused and a little annoyed by them. But I've found when you're climbing all the time you put more pressure on yourself, you have moments of getting burnt and well you miss having to work to go climbing a little bit, at least I do. That being said, I feel like I have an incredible life and I am profoundly lucky to be able to do what I'm doing. I want to go for it as long as I can! I know if I got an office job right now I wouldn't be happy. 

DPM: You have been bouldering a lot lately do you enjoy it as much as rope, or is it just a supplement for working powerful routes?

I love bouldering that was how I started climbing and what I did for the first two years of my climbing. I would love to focus solely on it for some time to see what would happen. As of now routes are still my main focus, and every trip I take to Spain just reinforces my motives (the route climbing is just too amazing over there!). So as of now, yes I'm just using bouldering as a training tool for my routes. Power is the hardest thing to come by for me. I only get it bouldering or climbing in the gym. It's funny I think I'm a worse boulderer now than I was three years ago!

DPM: I have seen your site and Misty Murphy's, how is climbing evolving with attitudes towards women sending hard? Is the idea of a female climber as simply something just nice to look at as shit as it sounds? Or is there a way for the ladies to play both grounds and get more of what they want?

Hum, I think blogs have just opened up the personality aspect of any individual who wants to participate in them. Anyone with a blog can tell you about themselves in a fun, witty way. Your image is what you make it on your blog; it's not being scrutinized by magazines or media, or a photographer for that matter, because it's not being sold in main stream media terms, (which, yes I agree in most cases is chauvinistic). So yes I suppose blogs allow any person who has a tag labeling them to show more than one side of themselves. Like, "Hey, yeah I can be hot and smart, oooh never heard of that before!" Beyond that way more women are crushing. You can't walk up to many cliffs anymore and assume the girls there aren't going to walk your project. I think this mentality is becoming standard in climbing. 


DPM: You were in Spray... what was it like climbing for a movie?  Strenuous or enjoyable?  How often did you have to repeat moves to help capture new angles and how would you rate the experience?

Filming Spray was totally fun, like you're hanging out climbing. Sure you have to do moves more than once, but in my case I was filmed on moderate levels for myself so it really wasn't that difficult. As far as "work" goes Joe and Chris had to push themselves more than anyone else. And they didn't have to they wanted to; I guess they get off on that or something. I feel like any media work for climbing can be hard, but you could also be actually working, like not climbing. I would do it again in a second.   

DPM: Lastly other than Joe who motivates you to watch climb and want to push.  You guys are always tandem, but are you as relaxed when you're climbing with other people. Any new projects for you on the horizon?
I'll have to go with the cliché answer on this one and say that anyone trying hard motivates me. Obviously climbing with Joe is comfortable, but sometimes it really helps to go out climb with different people. Getting out of your comfort zone to an extent can really push you. I also get super psyched climbing with other girls around my level, you figure out beta fast and I find myself less likely to makes excuses for not doing moves. It can be hard to match up a beta sequences with Joe, when I'm thinking "Of course I can't do it that way its Joe fucking Kinder." (Even though Joe gives me really good beta sometimes, and he remembers my beta too, which is nice!) I have so many projects right now. Joe got me into making list and it's kinda overwhelming. I might just go do moderate bouldering circuits or trad routes for two months.

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