Charlie Barrett's Ten Day Hueco Spree

posted by dpm on 01/22/2010

Charlie Barrett's Hueco Spree
by Jackie Hueftle
Charlie Barrett’s 10-day vacation to Hueco went…shall we say…extremely well. Since he last visited Hueco 7 years ago, the Bishop-local has made huge bounds as a climber (though he’s largely stayed under the radar).   He recently made news with his ascent of the much-coveted Spectre, but few have heard about his other impressive ascents in the Bishop and Tahoe areas, including The Ashtray, Freak Show, The Mandala sit, and The Form Destroyer.
Photo courtesy of Jackie Hueftle
In early January Charlie and his boss, Mammoth sushi restaurant owner Jason, made the 18 hour drive from Bishop to El Paso with a quick stop in LA to pick up their friend Nathan. Over the next ten days Charlie sent almost every problem he tried, though the V10s often took him longer than the V12s. He flashed Barefoot on Sacred Ground (V12) and Dirty Martini on the Rocks (given V12, but with dyno beta usually considered more like V10) as well as El Chupacabra Left (V10) and Free Willy (V10). He also quickly did Loaded Direct (V12), Rumble in the Jungle (V12), Diaphanous Sea (V12), Bleeding Brothers (V12), Power of the Landjaegar (V11), El Chupacabra (V11, 2nd go), Power of Silence (V10, 2 days), Full Service (V10), The Wonder Dyno (V10), Fern Roof (V9), and many many classics V9 and under.
In this picture Charlie is trying to stick the difficult sideways dyno on the broken Martini on the Rocks.
Photo courtesy of Jackie Hueftle