Carlo Traversi FA’s V13 in Colorado amid Endo Valley Debate.

posted by dpm on 05/29/2011


Carlo Traversi has completed the first ascent of Flux for Life (V13) in Rocky Mountain National Park’s Endo Valley.  The problem is reportedly of excellent quality and was referred to by Jamie Emerson as “classic and amazing.”  The Endo Valley has seen resurgence in popularity recently, ruffling some feathers in the Colorado bouldering community.  Emerson has been documenting the recent activity on his website B3bouldering and has received nearly 200 comments, many concerning the dangers of publicizing yet another fragile environment in the National Park.  It’s worth reading through some of the comments including an interesting post by David Graham, who was the first to scrub and work the moves on ‘the roof project’ which became Flux for Life


Carlo Traversi on Flux for Life.  Photo: Gustavo Moser


In light of the recent closure of the Roadside Crag at the Red River Gorge and possible climbing closures of some California State Parks, the issue bears relevance.  As a media source, it’s an interesting point of debate for us here at DPM.  Certainly, it is our duty to report significant ascents but in doing so we (the media in general) often popularize areas by posting pictures and ‘spraying’ about a new or relatively unknown area.  In your opinion, what responsibilities do media sources bear regarding the popularization and potential endangering of climbing areas?  Please leave your thoughts in the comment field.  We’d like to hear your thoughts.