Cameron Hörst: God's Own Stone (5.14a)

posted by dpm on 04/10/2012


Cam on God's Own Stone (5.14a)

At almost the same instant that I was hitting the ‘publish’ button on yesterday’s premature news story, 11-year-old Cameron Hörst was clipping the chains on God’s Own Stone (5.14a) at the Red River Gorge. Cam had already had an impressive weekend. On Friday he had a big day with a send of his first 5.13d, Ultraperm, followed by a same day encore on Golden Boy (5.13b). On Saturday, he worked out the moves on God’s Own Stone (5.14a), one-hanging it on his second try. He rested Sunday, came back Monday, and sent on his first burn of the day on his fourth try overall. This amount of effort is remarkably similar to Brooke Raboutou’s efforts on the same route two weeks ago.

God’s Own Stone was Cameron’s first 5.14a and it came just three days after his first 5.13d. Cameron remarked on his 8a scorecard that God’s Own Stone felt slightly easier than Ultraperm noting that the former took him seven tries instead of four. It’s hard to say if any other 11-year-old has had such a productive weekend of climbing but this one is definitely up there in the ranks. Congrats to Cam! Maybe his dad can help him write a book called “How to Climb 5.14.” All photos courtesy of Eric Hörst.