Brad Weaver Sends First V14

posted by dpm on 11/03/2013

Most commonly known as a sport climber with sends of 50 Words for Pump (5.14b/c), Southern Smoke (5.14c), Golden Ticket (5.14d) and Pure Imagination (5.14c) at the Red River Gorge, Brad Weaver has reappeared in the bouldering spotlight with his first V14. 

Despite terrible climbing conditions in Switzerland, Weaver has managed to climb New Base Line (8b+/V14) at Magic Wood, Switzerland. He has also managed to take down Riverbed, a V13, and several other V11’s and V12’s in the area. This is Weaver’s first trip to Europe and he’s made it pretty clear he’s on a mission to send.

Brad Weaver on New Base Line (V14).

Weaver mentions, “I was really psyched to do these two boulders. We’ve been experiencing some really devastating conditions out here and to do boulders on my lifetime list really helps with motivation.”

Weaver and climber, Brion Voges, have been traveling around Europe for the past week in search of dry rock. After a recon trip from Switzerland to Fontainebleau, France, they found more wet rock. With no luck, Weaver and Voges ended back up in Switzerland where Brad took down his hardest send to date.  

Weaver has spent the last couple of years training at a gym in Atlanta and coaching a youth climbing team. His plans for the future include a trip to Fontainebleau for two weeks in December and another trip back to Switzerland in March. 

Story and photo by Sarah Bain