Bonobo Black Sands

posted by dpm on 07/02/2010


          Achieving what few DJ cross-over acts have accomplished, Simon Green’s Bonobo has, over the course of an 11-year career, pushed into the larger arena of media attention and, subsequently, has become the biggest selling artist on the Ninja Tune label. 
            With Black Sands release in March of 2010, Green has created, what many critics are already claiming to be, his finest work yet. Sands, Bonobo’s fourth studio album, takes on the evolving and extensive role of familiar necessity, and re-introduces the listener to that recognizable, minimal commotion of Bonobo. A dash of space-age pop exotica, a hint of Mediterranean flare, and the cool-like-lemonade vocals of returning songstress, Andreya Triana, and this recording is nothing shy of studio wizardry. 
            Each song herein, lies on a precepice of binary perfection. A near seemless blend of well-produced music designated for every human experience . As one critic points out,”This is smooth jazz for robots”. To me, that suggests a certain aire of elevator rigidness, which is by no means the M.O. of Black Sands. In fact, Sands couldn’t be any more organic. “Prelude” and “Kiara” lead off the album with two very different wellsprings of aural healing. Both spilling over with the juice that makes great songs unforgettable. Other notables include the sultry and undeniably catchy “Eyes Down”; “Kong”’s warm, sandy Riviera feel; the xylophonic house bleeps of “We Could Forever”; “1009” and its low-stress pop whirl; and the heavy dream haze of “Stay the Same”.
            In all, Bonobo has released yet another masterful gem to be added to the annals of lo-fi techno-soul. From the addition of Triana’s vocals to the spiraling electronica downbeats, I can’t think of an album that better compliments moments of vertical weightlessness or satifies a jones for mental placation. Download  Black Sands today for a mere $7.99 on Amazon; and if you think you’re on to a new breed of down-tempo, check out Bonobo’s feel-good debut release Animal Magic.