Ben Spannuth: Era Bella (5.14d)

posted by dpm on 09/28/2011


Ben Spannuth has redpointed his first 5.14d with Era Bella in Margalef, Spain. Originally from Lousiana, Ben has been living in Boulder, Colorado and the abundance of rock seems to have paid off.  Spannuth seems to have come out of the woodwork this year, especially in light of his trip to Spain.  In just the past two months he has sent eight 5.14’s including a flash of Master Hit (5.14a) in Mallorca, Cosi Fan Tutte in Rodellar (5.14c) and his most recent, Era Bella (5.14d).  Era Bella was first established by Chris Sharma and then quickly repeated by Ramon Julian in 2010.  The pitch is an astounding 45 meters long.  Now that his steep, pocket-climbing endurance is in check Ben remarked, “Back to the tufas!”


Click the image for a short clip of Ben bouldering in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado.