Beg, Borrow, and Steel: Action Fund Benefit

posted by dpm on 06/05/2012

The south's rowdiest fundraiser is coming up soon: June 16/17 in Alabama. Beg, Borrow, and Steel is a true grassroots event for deep south climbers to rendezvous during the summer months (off-season) and party for a cause. From their event website:

Max capacity = 200.... REGISTER NOW! Rain or shine event.

New for this year: Port-a-Potties, moon walk gladiator jousting, arm wrestling, a dunk tank, more sponsors, more drinking options, professional music, and a cooler month.

Same as last year: Belly flop comp, bolt clipping comp, pulled pork BBQ, Good People high gravity brews, silent auction, lots of swag, and a themed dance party.

Late night dance party at last year's event.

The event is a guaranteed good time and your $25 entrance fee benefits the Action Fund. I know, you're thinking, "Action Fund...never heard of it. Sounds like a scam." The Action Fund is a relatively new non-profit organization with an interesting spin on the traditional grassroots organization. Dreamt up and brought to fruition by Alabama mainstay Tyler Wilcutt, the Action Fund is more than just a grassroots organization for raising money for bolts...which they do. One of the chief uses of the money they raise is to buy new hardware to replace the aging bolts around the south. The interesting twist is that some of the hardware will be used to develop new crags at no cost to the equipper. The end result will be more crags and routes for the general public. It's a fairly novel concept that makes sense. Everyone pitches in and eventually there are more routes to climb. I like this idea. The Action Fund mission statement:

"The ACTION Fund is an organization with a broad purpose to maintain and improve the safety of fixed routes for rock climbing, established in the past and therein to be established in the future. The beneficiaries of service will be the sport climbing population in sponsored areas.
Routes have five main hardware components: bolts, hangers, anchors, drill bits, and perma-draws. It is the organization’s aim to raise the funds and purchase these components to be made available to route developers at no cost to the individual.

Funds are to be raised through community events wherein margins of monetary gains exceeding cost are to be used for the exclusive procurement of aforementioned hardware. Charitable contributions are to be accepted as well.


An exhaustive list describing the approximated total number, condition, age, and expected expiration of aforementioned hardware components of each route in sponsored areas shall be maintained. The list will provide additional information detailing the installation of new hardware provided by the ACTION Fund."


Read more about the Action Fund in a nice blog post by Brooks Walker.

For more info about Beg, Borrow, and Steel, visit their webpage here and their Facebook event page here.