Ashima Shiraishi Sends Digital System (5.14b)

posted by dpm on 03/21/2014

Ashima Shiraishi is on vacation in Spain and has sent Digital System (8c/5.14b) at Santa Linya. The 12-year-old can add this tick to an already healthy list of 5.14’s that includes four Red River Gorge 5.14c’s: Lucifer, Southern Smoke, Fifty Words for Pump, and 24-Karats. Last summer she visited Ceuse, France where she was able to send the 8c/5.14b routes Dures Limites and L’acardemicien des Crepis.

These sport climbing highlights are, of course, in addition to her impressive bouldering resume that includes multiple V13’s around the world and a V11 flash. In just over a week, Ashima will finally be a teenager and we can stop referring to her as a “kid phenom.” Happy birthday Ashima!

Ashima on Digital System (8c/5.14b) in Santa Linya, Spain. Photos courtesy of Forrest Woodward. www.forrestwoodward.com

Click the image to read more about Ashima and watch exclusive videos in Issue 26 of DPM's digital magazine.