Ashima Shiraishi climbs V11 and a V12 in Hueco

posted by dpm on 03/22/2011

Only two days into her Hueco trip,  nine year old Ashima Shiraishi is pulling double-digits boulder problems.


Ashima on her ascent of Power of Silence. Watch the video HERE

If anyone doubted the power of Ashima Shiraishi, they were sadly mistaken.  Last year, a video was released on DPM showing Ashima hiking The Power of Silence V10 (video). The web was full of doubters saying everything from “she was lifted to the holds” and “that is not the line and not V10.”  However, these anonymous trolls may have to eat their words. Two days into a trip to the Hueco Tanks nine year old Shiraishi has already put away Chbalanke V12 and Roger in the Shower V11. Ashima is out with her coach Obe Carrion filming a segment for the Reel Rock Tour. Congrats to Ashima. Keep crankin' girl!

Stay tuned as Ashima is said to be visiting the tanks for another 4 days. What could happen next is anyone’s guess.