Asana Adds Dai Koyamada to Their Team

posted by dpm on 09/06/2012

Asana announced yesterday that they have added the international powerhouse Dai Koyamada to their climbing team. Dai is one of the top boulderers of his generation having established and repeated many well-known bouldering problems throughout the world.  Dai began climbing in 1993 and became a professional rock climber in 1996 after winning the Japanese National Championship. Below is a short list of some of his accomplishments on boulders.

*FA of The Wheel of Life (V15) in the Grampians, Australia
*FA of Hydrangea (V15) in Shiobara, Japan
*FA of Agartha (V14) in Toyota, Japan
*FA of Calm (V15) in Mt. Kasagi, Japan
*FA of The Story of Two Worlds low start (V16) in Cresciano, Switzerland
*2nd ascent of Big Paw (V15) in Chironico, Switzerland
*Dreamtime (V14) in Cresciano, Switzerland

Photos courtesy of Asana.