Another 8b Flash for Jimmy Webb

posted by dpm on 07/30/2013


Continuing his tour of South Africa's bouldering, Jimmy Webb has moved south to check out the climbing around Cape Town. His flash ascent of A Simple Knowing at Topside is his third 8b (V13) flash of his trip. A Simple Knowing was established by Paul Robinson and originally suggested as 8c (V15). Nalle Hukkataival repeated the problem the following season, possibly unlocking some new heel-toe beta, and suggested V13.

During his stay in Rocklands, Webb flashed Sky, a problem considered by many to be V14 though he suggested V13, as well as The Vice (V13). This past spring, Jimmy flashed Kings of Sonlerto in Switzerland and suggested a downgrade from V14 to V13. He also flashed Roses and Blue Jays (V13) at Great Barrington in December of last year.

With five V13 or harder flashes under his belt in less than a year, it made me wonder how Jimmy manages to be such a bawse? Unfortunately, he didn't immediately respond to my query. Until he does, check out this interview we did after he flashed Sky.

Click the image to watch a video featuring Paul Robinson climbing near Cape Town, South Africa. Footage of the first ascent of A Simple Knowing starts at 11:15.