Alex Megos Sends The Man that Follows Hell (5.15a)

posted by dpm on 05/21/2014

Alex Megos has claimed the 3rd ascent of Markus Bock’s The Man that Follows Hell (9a+/5.15a) in Frankenjura, Germany. This is his fifth 9th grade route this month. He’s also recently ticked the 9a/5.14d routes Action Directe (in two hours), Black Label, Matador, and the Essential.

It took Megos just 1.5 hours to climb The Man that Follows Hell, though the route is a powerful direct start to Kawaschuwu, a 5.14c that he also sent this month. Megos thought Kawaschuwu alone could possibly be 9a. Adam Ondra, who claimed the 2nd ascent of the line, shared a somewhat similar sentiment suggesting 9a for The Man that Follows Hell and saying on his 8a scorecard, “hard 9a, but the difference between Kawaschuwu and this is not two grades in my opinion.”

Click the image for video of Alex Megos bouldering in Switzerland.