Alex Megos Sends La Rambla (5.15a) Second Try

posted by dpm on 03/30/2013

In Siurana, Spain, Alex Megos has climbed the famous 5.15a, La Rambla, on his second try after a near flash. This comes just a few days after his historic onsight ascent of Estado Critico which is widely regarded as the first 9a (5.14d) onsight.

Alex Megos on Estado Critico (5.14d). Photo: Miguel Catita/Havista.com

According to the blog of Dani Fuertes, Alex has been climbing with Felix Neumärker, another German climber that is sending Siurana's hardest. Just two days after sending Estado Critico (5.14d), Felix sent La Rambla and was ready to spray down Alex for a flash attempt. On his flash attempt, Alex fell from the last two moves. He put the route down on his next effort. Dani also notes that the day before Alex's onsight of Estado Critico that Alex sent A Muerte (5.14d) second go as well.

There seems to be nothing stopping Alex Megos from attaining the highest levels of the sport and even breaking new ground like he did with his onsight of Estado Critico and this ascent which may be the first time a 5.15a has been done 2nd try. The only thing that might slow him down is his "three-try" limit that is mentioned in a recent article by DMM. It's stated in the article that, "Alex dislikes having to spend a great deal of time redpointing, preferring to try and onsight routes. He is well-known for his three attempt threshold before moving on."

Of course, Adam Ondra followed this same pattern, spending his early years focused on onsighting before finally buckling down and projecting the world's hardest. If Megos follows the same path, he's on track toward sending the world's hardest sport climbs.