Alex Megos Adds Hardest Link-Up to Hollow Mountain Cave

posted by dpm on 08/26/2013


After his speedy ascent of Australia's Wheel of Life (V14/15), and claiming the first ascent of the hardest sport route in the country; Alex Megos went back to the Grampians' Hollow Mountain Cave and envisioned a new link-up that is likely the hardest in the cave, and thus the hardest boulder problem in the country.  

Vertical Life reports that his new problem starts by climbing the Wheel of Life, but halfway through Sleepy Hollow moves onto Stimulation and finishes out that problem which is also the finish of Silverchair. This is all a bunch of garbled nonsense to anyone that isn't familiar with the cave, but it's sufficient to say that the problem is very long and very difficult. After his repeat of the Wheel of Life, Megos suggested a route grade of 9a or 5.14d for that problem, and is suggesting a route grade of 9a+ or 5.15a for Wheelchair.

Alex also did another mega-link that is essentially a different start to the Wheel of Life. Stimulating Cartwheel starts on Stuck South of the Border and finishes with the Wheel. He suggested the 9a grade for this one as well stating that it's about as hard as the regular Wheel of Life.   

Alex Megos. Photo: DMM